Wonderful photo from Daniel Dencescu recognized as "Highly Commended" by the UK Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

Oh my goodness that's pretty. Trevor Mahlmann captures Space X's latest launch for Ars Technica.

Lytro Cinema. There's a pretty good breakdown of how the technology works for the original consumer cameras on YouTube.

There's a difference between Instagram and photography — the way they're used. An Instagram is to photography as texting is to prose.

— Tom Zimberoff, "Cameras Were Invented for Inarticulate Photographers Like Me"

The story behind the XP wallpaper we'll never forget (by Microsoft)

Moments, memory, story, beauty. Basically in that order.

— Craig Mod, Photography, hello

Craig digs deep into the purpose of photography and the impact software has had on destroying the camera but freeing the photograph in our networked world.

(via The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011)

Powerful photos from Joplin to Japan, including Occupy Wall Street, Libya, Thailand, and elsewhere.

Where the Photos Are (via 1000memories)

Lots of other great facts, there, too.

MSNBC highlights the unprecedented photos of the space shuttle docked with the International Space Station, all of which can be seen (and downloaded) in high-res from NASA's gallery.

Make: Long-Exposure Signal Strength Pix

How cool would it be to take this concept and turn it into a topological map over, say, a college campus, to be able to see the signal strength represented as actual mountains and valleys?

No snow here...

Nikon D90, 66mm, 1/60s at f/5.3, ISO 800

When a Plane Flies Through a Google Maps Satellite Image

Turns out this happens fairly frequently around airports. It also turns out you can do some math and figure out the shutter speed on the satellite.

Journey Through Canyons


I've hiked or backpacked three of the four canyons featured in Metron's (no name given) film, Journey Through Canyons. Surprisingly, the Grand Canyon is the only one I've not seen in person.

Be sure to check the Flickr photoset showing the DSLR gear used to create the film: Canyons, Making Of.

I neither had the time, the equipment, or the expertise to do this, nor was the weather particularly forgiving enough in my time at the canyons. But this gives you a rough idea of what I saw. I hiked at least one of the same trials.

P.S. On a unrelated note, I continue to experience problems with Vimeo on every video in every browser using either Flash or HTML5, with the exception of Safari's HTML5. Super frustrating for a "professional" site.

I got a few questions about how I managed to take the self-portrait shot, so here's the original. I used several mirrors in my bathroom, a couple of boxes and binders for height, angle, and background, and a nice crop. Not a bad illusion, after all that.


  • Nikon D90
  • 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor zoom lens
  • ISO 200, f10, 0.5 second exposure, 18mm zoom
  • Vibration reduction
  • No flash
  • 6 second timer
  • Adobe Photoshop CS 3 crop, noise reduction postprocessing
Interesting little experiment getting my new DSLR to take a picture of itself.