Journey Through Canyons


I've hiked or backpacked three of the four canyons featured in Metron's (no name given) film, Journey Through Canyons. Surprisingly, the Grand Canyon is the only one I've not seen in person.

Be sure to check the Flickr photoset showing the DSLR gear used to create the film: Canyons, Making Of.

I neither had the time, the equipment, or the expertise to do this, nor was the weather particularly forgiving enough in my time at the canyons. But this gives you a rough idea of what I saw. I hiked at least one of the same trials.

P.S. On a unrelated note, I continue to experience problems with Vimeo on every video in every browser using either Flash or HTML5, with the exception of Safari's HTML5. Super frustrating for a "professional" site.