E-Level Commit Messages

Ever wanted to see what it's like to be a programmer? Our final group project for EN.600.321, Object Oriented Software Engineering, last fall had over 355 commit messages, a collection of which are given here:

On Nov 10, 2009, at 6:10 PM, Pablo wrote:

See if you can break it :)
Which time?

Begin forwarded message:
PL: Fixed Parker crashing
I crash all the time.

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PL: EditCard saves preferences, fixed lil bug with title. The default title is title, and that was being saved as the title, even though it's not the title.
Nope, the title is not title.

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HPS: Committing before Pablo messes any of my other functionality up.
Sounds about right.

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Sizing bug? U mean how it's smaller when the app first launches select wut shows in cardareagui?
Pablo's typing with things stuck in his teeth again.

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HPS: Added an "unselectAll" feature to remove selection artifacting. Doesn't work with TextBoxes 'cause class hierarchy is ridiculous? Text boxes aren't selectable? Yet no exception is thrown?

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JY: changes to pixmap/rectangle to more gracefully handle resizing. Only issue is JVM crashes when we push it on the stack.
Small issue.

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HPS: Fixed NullPointerException with Signals in DragDropTextItem. Keep it clean, dudes.
Keep it clean, keep it classy.

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Edit: This is only half a commit. WTF, svn?
Yes, indeed.

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Filed in Pivotal:
Bug: saving doesn't actually work
No, that's a "feature".

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JY: shift resizing of pixmaps. Also, any thoughts to having a right click menu for decks? ie, right click to close, test, or edit cards? I know u mac users don't right click often, but it is what all the cool kids are doing on windows.
Not true. We play Portal now, even.

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Doesn't crash for me :S

On Dec 13, 2009, at 3:31 PM, Parker wrote:
Known bug #1: Apparently, using the built-in Apple swatches in the 3rd pane of the QColorPicker on a Mac causes the JVM to crash. All I can say is, "Please don't do that".
You would, Pablo. Please don't do that.

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HPS: Added exactly one lie to fix the bug with saving.
I think I meant "line", but there are often lies in my code...

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PL: Fixed a bug... don't remember what it was
Neither do I. (It was 3 AM, though.)

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HPS: Actually writing out z-values. Teeheehee.
JY: Fixed zheight issue of text edits - good catch parker
You preemptively fixed a bug. Nice job.

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GA - fixed some behavioural problems during testing.
Your's or the program's?

Begin forwarded message:
GA - more behaviour modification
Definitely your's.