We expect these changes to have an impact to our team structure.

Steven Elop, “Email to Nokia employees”

Corporate-speak translation: We’re laying off 12,500 of you from multiple countries over the next several months.

The movie doesn’t make a very big deal of this basically insane moment, and since this is a film about robots from space who can transform into trucks and helicopters but whose true forms all seem to track crude ethnic stereotypes, there’s no reason for the audience to think about it for very — DID YOU SEE THAT THING EXPLODE? But the moment means more to Chinese audiences: the elevator rider is Zou Shiming, China’s first Olympic gold medalist boxer. Go, China!

Transformers 4 Is a Master Class in Economics

This helps explain why Transformers 4 is the most successful movie in Chinese box office history.

Very funny video about The Cloud from James Mickens of Microsoft Research. Here be dragons.